July 30, 2010

"The Hidden Endeavor"

“It was raining heavily, which started off with a cool breeze sometime 10 minutes before. Suddenly the rain water started splashing on me with a shotgun speed crossing the sun roof of our little portico. I was sitting with my legs criss-crossed and my chin resting in both the hands safely. Though I had no thought of re-inventing the magic behind rain, I appeared like I could not see the showering clouds or measure the height from where the chilled water droplets are hurrying to touch the ground."

"It was totally dark outside, except a street light which doesn’t offer any brightness to the gloomy evening. The next moment, I noticed a superfluous-lightening in the sky, flickering with some spontaneous brightness, compared to what my street light gives, but with some rarest scary-echoic effects in the background, adding some more influence to the heavy rain and resulted a baby cry in our house.”

“I quickly turned back and shouted “Ammaa”, alerting my mom. She forced me to get-in, as it was raining heavily. Though some consistent amount of water was continuously splashing on my other half, I didn’t turn up to her words and comforted myself there. I didn’t care even my mom was repeatedly sending invitations. After some time, when the digital thunder sounds slowed……the baby cry stopped. But, the rain had never gone for rest. It continued for long when the levels of worry had elevated rapidly, resulting in increase of stress weighing a tonne.”

“My lovely mom understood my anxiety and closely took me to her.” 

“Amma, Where is daddy? Dad might have gone wet!! how will he reach home in this heavy rain??” I questioned my mom with more innocence at an age of 8…..the crying baby was my brother, aged 3. All my anxiety was properly balanced by my eye lids, dipping up and down with more innocence. “

“He might have stopped somewhere.…..not a worry!!” She replied with her half tensed voice.”

“During my childhood, It was my habit to wait, until my father reaches home every evening. My actual anticipation was for our “Hamara Bajaj!!!”. He stops his chetak under an inclined ramp at our house and waited for me. I used to quickly reach him and get on to his front, which I almost felt like driving on my own and buzzing the horn in atypical ways, until my dad switches off the engine.”

“As soon as he enters the house, I used to offer a gigantic hug which appeared like I had seen him after ages. Unknowingly, the wait for my dad used to create a fantastic chance to escape from studies, which is a superior-successful form of killing time at times. Though I opened the books very late…I was so punctual in closing the books at 8 pm sharp to watch the excited and lonely channel doordarshan, while having dinner. “

“I used to sit closely with my dad while watching television, changing positions and rotating all over him. Meanwhile, during the liril or nirma advertisements, I used to throw some requests to buy whatever that comes in the television. Be it a chocolate, dress, pen etc. He welcomed my entire instant-heavy-wishes and made them appear before me. But, I never knew the pain and struggle he faced in getting all the unnecessary stuff.”

“This form of adoration continued until I was 12. The next 4 years of education was like military-strict, where, I failed in fulfilling his lil’ dreams in my academics. Couldn’t achieve the grade what my dad expected, for which I really regret a lot.” 

“After gifting all his efforts and happiness to me…….behind which, there was a lot of anxiety involved, for driving me towards success. I was magnanimously blessed to be a son of such a wonderful father. He is very special, coz.. he never made himself happy and joyous atleast at times. After an early retirement in 2001, where he goodbyed his job at Hindustan Zinc, he still offers me some financial assistance, whether the salary I’m drawing was sufficient for happy living in Hyderabad or not. He trusts people and shares his talent for free, saying that ‘nothing has value…..apart from helping others’.” 

“Till date, though I never made my father feel proud on my success..…..I really feel happy that I was gifted with some of the precious qualities my dad has. Looking back, I find many years of introspection and hard work involved to make us happy. I find my dad in my every action. Even at an age of 61….he assures “I’m with you…never look back!!”. I virtually visualize that, his hand has got an enduring place on my shoulder….encouraging to move forward happily“

“Still, A little concern on their health, well being and happiness gives them all joy resulting a splendid time during their rest of life. I always feel awful to stay away from them and enquire about their well being over digital devices.“

“I do have some little dreams to make my parents jumbo-happy. Initially they were cropped during my childhood. But, unfortunately I failed to make them true at an early age , as every childhood suffers from utter-poverty in all aspects of life. However, I can’t consider myself as successful and triumph even if I serve them for ages. Hope my attempts taste success and achieve the target to raise the art of gifting to my parents beyond the needs of stars!! I’m the worlds luckiest and feel proud to be a worthy son for wonderful parents like Adinarayana and Kumari !! “