November 8, 2011

"The Job"

“The sun woke up very early at 5:56 am. It leisurely started climbing high with a doubt in its mind, which is not willing to showcase its personality. Trying to mask its identity with the assistance of its colleagues called ‘clouds’. It is acting similar to Rajiv, who is lying on his bed like a lethargic idiot.”

“Something smashed at the centre of his stomach, spoiling his sleep. Rajiv suddenly woke up and immediately dressed in formal. He didn’t even glance towards the tooth brush or care the close-up lying isolated, early in the morning. He picked his Identity card, a huge back pack which is stuffed with some private matter and left his home. He reached office within very few minutes from his start on an age old automot. He parked his vehicle and as soon as he approached the atrium, the security started staring at him and at the huge heritage wall-clock, simultaneously. The gateman approached him for a safety check without losing an eye contact with the clock, which was ticking 6:24 am. Rajiv’s hurry was pounding high and ran from the place after finishing it.”

“The gateman curved a bit to get a clue on his rush and found Rajiv using the staircase to reach the 5th floor. Probably at that moment, he might felt there could be no other shortest route except stairs.”

“Rajiv tossed his heavy backpack towards his desk on the right and immediately kicked a door lying adjacent to his left. After some noisy exertion created by him, the floor went on silent for few minutes. It appeared like a stadium with no spectators with almost all seats lying empty, waiting for their owners, except one at the centre. It was occupied by ‘Sreyobhilaash’. All of a sudden Sreyobhilaash heard some sounds of water irrigating the washroom. Initially he assumed it could be the house-keeping, later he suspected it is someone from the company payroll and raised his eye-brows questioning himself, finding the identity of the person. He stared at the huge backpack lying unaccompanied and directionless on the floor, with his eyes wide open.”

(Door Opening)

“Rajiv entered the work area turning fresh and wet from the wash room. Sreyobhilaash elevated his head and moved his eyes towards his ‘Tissot’ and said,

“Its still 6:57 am! And, I believe this is not true Rajiv. You had never walked-in before 10 am and what happened to you today??” He shouted loud, gazing at the floor-mat.

“Hey, hey…..come on! Don’t say you had a shower here!” Sreyobhilaash questioned with lots of uncertainty in his mind.

“Yes, I did. What’s wrong?” Rajiv answered and threw another question immediately.

“What happened to your place?” Sreyobhilaash dialogued and turned towards his laptop.

“Arey, Paani nahin hain. Don’t fuck my mind. Motor kharaab hua! Rajiv screamed with some seriousness and impatience.

“But, why so early? That too in the morning?” He started coiling him again.

“Abbe, tereko shaam ko aatha hain kya??” annoyed Rajiv with more anger.

“Free of cost nah!! Smart idea dude!” Said Sreyobhilaash with no hesitation.

“Rajiv looked at Sreyobhilaash with some chilli powdered in his eyes and immediately left for cafeteria on the 2nd floor.”

(Employees Entering, 9:00 am)

“It was nine, when Sridhar started walking towards his desk and meanwhile he saw Sahithya resting her back-pack on her table. Sridhar approached her and greeted, “Hi Sahithya, Good morning! “And walked towards his desk.”

He suddenly paused for a moment during the walk, slowly turned back and dialogued “Sahithya……Last night!”

“Haan….Last night?” Sahithya questioned with her mouth wide open.

“Its Srujan who carried me home last night.” Said Sridhar and giggled.

“Shut up Idiot! Can’t you breathe without having a sip of drink every day? Before I throw something on you, go and start your work, Don’t irritate me.” She said.

“Living life this way is supreme Sahithya.” Sridhar advised and started browsing Facebook.

Sahithya turned her head back and said “Close you Facebook account and start your work. We have a release in short.” plugging her laptop charger.

“Sridhar kept quite. His calm resembled almost similar to a kid.”

(Clock Ticking)

“Sridhar appeared as if he was working seriously, until the clock advanced for few minutes. The change in his idioms appeared as if he is over-reacting for a silly reason. Finally, it happened to be a photograph posted on his Facebook account and wondering why it couldn’t gather any attention from his 500 odd friends and again turned towards Sahithya.”

“Sahithya, I uploaded our team picture last week on the facebook and interestingly it didn’t receive even a comment or atleast 1 single like.”

“Hmmm”, she said.” Sahithya actually didn’t respond much, as she was eagerly staring at her Vista machine which was loading nonstop.

(Person entering during conversation - Pulling the seat)

“Dude, are you still expecting highest likes for our team? Turn and see the most tedious faces around. It’s been some 2 years we had seen a beautiful female team member. Stella(Srinivasa Rao Tella-Manager) doesn’t know the techniques to keep the environment live and active.” I Said, sharing suspect kinda good morning looks to everyone around, pulling my seat.”

Sahithya turned back seeing me and said “Ohh……you arrived!”

“Yes, I am!” Said I, “with a smile.” And turned towards Sridhar, who is still looking unhappy.

“I kept all my workplace gadgets on the table and started scanning my inbox for troublesome emails of the day. Luckily I found there were no emails leading to my death and again turned back calling ‘Saheeeeth-ya’.”

“Goddd…..I consider the first 5 minutes of your arrival as a gift. The rest of the day in the office is like hell. Can’t you zip your lips and allow people to work?” She irritated slightly and questioned hardly turning behind. She appeared as if she painted her eyes in red. Her glasses added much contrast and brightness to her looks”

“Oh, Aditya!” said I, “to know his whereabouts, and glanced towards my laptop screen.Over there, he’s online”. I shouted the moment I spotted him on the communicator with a green light resembling a railway signal.”

(Conversation Started in Communicator)

Srujan : “Office?”

Aditya : “Nah……no mood of attending!”

Srujan : “Any strong reason behind?”

Aditya : “Will let you know this Friday”

Srujan : “Why on a particular Friday? We shall sit tonight and discuss boss.”

Aditya : “FRIDAY, I SAID”

“I felt the capital letters mirrored his mood and he suddenly disappeared from the communicator.”

“I started assuming his situation and stood at my place. I observed everyone working seriously which featured like they are deeply in love with their Laptop’s. So, I moved towards Sahithya and brake’d abruptly to avoid her lecture once again.”

“So, I went slowly forward upon my way and heard…….”

“Srujan!” she called with sugary tone.

“A sudden call from her amazed me. Felt like a wonderful opportunity and landed beside her taking less than 2 footsteps from the place I paused.”

“I think Aditya left for vizag on some important work last week right?” Sahithya questioned me.

“Is it?” I refuted her statement trusting Aditya.

“What important work he has? Except grinding his mood unnecessarily and avoids attending the office.” I said.

“What? Are you sure that he is not in today?” Sahithya questioned again.

“Yeah, he is online. He is working from home today.” I said.

“You said he grinded his mood, he is working from home and now I am worried what else could have happened during the weekend. But, I actually expected some sweets and smile from him today.” She shared.

“Ohh…..Any news?” I questioned her.

“Nothing!”, she said and tried skipping the topic.

“Noooo….I shouted! Making everyone on the floor lift their head’s and zoom-in their eyes on what’s the reason behind my shout.”

“Sahithya adjusted a little with my huge shout and looked towards me with anger.”

“Then tell me what the gossip is? I am dying! Please Sahithya, please” I demanded.

“Okey! Listen! Aditya went to……” She paused, seeing Rajiv and sreyobhilash passing us.

“Aditya went to see a girl in vizag.” She disclosed finally.

“The moment I heard the news, I collapsed on my chair and started laughing. Saying, ‘he went to see a girl!!’ So, he is ready for his marriage. But, there should be parents who offer a girl to him right!”

“Anyways, do this way! Call him on his mobile and enquire about the result. I am sure that he shares with you. Give a try. And, make sure that I am nowhere in the picture. Else, the floor is aware of my acts.”

“She stared at me for few seconds and nodded her head agreeing to call Aditya”

(Mobile Ringing)

“I started dialing virtually in my mind and parallely counted the number of rings Sahithya is hearing directly. Sahithya was expressionless for the initial 6 rings of the dial, in return making me clueless.”

“As every man always has an extra pounding interest on others matters, and so, I am no exception from it. It was a moment of struggle and depression to listen to a clue. Suddenly, I saw Sahithya letting out few words and made me an enthusiast to quickly fast forward her words to know the reason behind Aditya’s unavailability. So, I quickly parked my ears beside her. But ended up in hearing some murmurings of ‘ummm’ and ‘hmmm’ from her, incessantly making me clueless.”

“Well, goodbye,” she said, and held the phone on her table. That goodbye fueled lots of happiness in me.

“What’s news?” I questioned her, seriously!

“She looked straight and said, he seems to be dejected as the girl rejected.”

“Oh, what a moment-this is the moment, I said” and immediately bowled over and made myself threw into the chair with a loud laugh with a racing breathe.

(Phone Ringing)

“Sru-jan!” The caller questioned using my name.

“Yes. May I know to whom am I speaking with?” said I, with an agitated tone.

“This is Satish Sadasiva. Can you make yourself available on the 2nd floor, meeting room-206 at 12:15?”

“Yes, said I.” The next moment I could hear to the ‘beep-beep’ sound, confirming a disconnected phone line finally thanking me for answering the call. But there are few other important words that almost silenced my heart-beat and made me collapse, to the earth’s core. Soon, my eyes started covering with a tiny layer of tears, alarming a serious upset. With lot of burning frustration, I griped the chair tight and tried skipping towards silence. I kicked back the tears and continued to be calm for few minutes, seriously thinking of the cause behind all the mess.

“Sahithya couldn’t tolerate my silence for long and she turned back for inquiring the same. She looked at me and then into my eyes, which made her understood of some tough situation.”

“What for?” said she.

“Don’t know! Just a call, informed me…..” I paused.

“Speak Srujan, what happened?” She questioned firmly.

“Satish Sadasiva informed me that, I was sacked,” said I.

“What?” again she said and I repeated the dialogue again.

“Don’t joke Srujan! This is your life, it’s your career,” said she.

“Its true Sahithya. I am not joking. I know it’s my career and I know I am concerned with and I am serious,” replied I. It is a shout rather than calling it as a reply.

But why?” she asked tightly.

“The reason what satish sadasiva(VP-HR) had given would sound silly to anyone around. But it’s a sensuous and highly serious issue bonded with my career,” This time I reacted in a very dull tone.

“Be clear!” she said.

“My verification failed and that’s the reason I was fired!” I replied.

“Srujan, you are working here since 2 years and have you enquired what they actually verified?” she suggested.

“No clue Sahithya! I am tensed,” said I. be continued!!

NOTE : All the content and story is Copyright © of 'Srujan Kadamba' and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without prior permission. All rights reserved.

This article/blog has no coincidence to the names and characterizations in the real life. It did truly come out of my imagination!


Srujan Kadamba

May 11, 2011

"Love, Fathom and Others"

She closed the baggage using all her muscle. The zipper sounded noisy and the bag was hardly grounded from the bed, which made him turn around. Sameera hauled her heavy luggage from her bedroom towards the veranda. Achyut turned back and stood, which made sameera averted from moving forward to the main door. The lights in the house were dim, same as the mood of achyut.

A sudden silence prevailed all over. Not even the baggage wheels nor sameera’s bangles weren’t producing some jingle’s. It resembled as if the situation was on pause, except a fact that the beat of 2 hearts were multiplying with anger.

Sameera’s looks had no proper direction googling around. She resembled as if she had make-up’d her face with resentment!! A total muted apprehensions with absolutely no expression on her face except boiling high. While, achyut’s was tender cool.

'Achyut started a conversation with a question.'

Not the confusion nor the contention moved him, but the clarity made it all for a start.

‘What is that? Khali ya Full?’ Achyut questioned pointing the baggage.

‘Its full! I bet, I can break your head with this baggage.’ She yelled at him as a live lava.

‘Relationships can never trek superior if you’d either wanted to Bet or Bang!! Stay cool and think of the wonderful 5 months of our post wedding. Try to come out of the aggression that’s making you nonsensical.’ Achyut tried to make clear of things well to sameera.

‘I still couldn’t understand the actual reason behind the serious grumbling upon me since a week. Have you ever tried to hunt for a major issue that had reasoned to this? A serious and sensuous answer should be NO. If you love it, its yours – If you hate it, its others.’ He said.

‘Yes!’ She replied.

‘Sameera.......I’m talking about the mistake which you feel it happened and I feel it actually never happened.’ He said.

‘Its there, it happened and still happening and Its You! You ruined and slashed all my dreams. This is a disaster that had ever happened in my life.’ Sameera temperature’d high, which resulted her in throwing the baggage handle hard and it hit the glass tepoi in the living room which is few metres away from her.

‘See, now look at the broken pieces of glass. It’s useless. It’s none other than me. I’m broken achyut.’ She shouted at him.

‘Its all over. Give me way and allow me to leave. Please, I beg you……..Mr.Ruiner.’ She said.

The moment sameera cursed Mr.Ruiner on achyut, he bombarded almost whole of the 8th floor of the apartment with his shout. A further more irritation forced him to hold sameera’s hand strong and threw her to sit on the dining chair. However in few seconds he managed himself to go cool. A strong Silence Immediately triumphed the house from no where. He moved few steps and switched on the 4 lantern’s at the corners of the dining and sat opposite to sameera.

‘The moment she made her seat, she instantly started releasing her eye tap parallelly squeezing her nose in.’

‘Sameera….what for? What for you started shedding tears?’

‘You………!!!’ Stop. He said. Shut your mouth and listen to what I say. And, stop crying. Especially girls, Its almost like their daily routine.’

‘Did you realize one thing? Unknowingly you are assuming something terrible had happened. You are the only reason for your trouble, you are the only reason for your unhappiness, finally, you are screwing yourself.’ He said with fury weighting a tonne and he threw the napkin lying behind him on to her face and asked to wipe her tears off and the running nose.

‘Then he quickly got up from the chair - went into the kitchen and collected 4 oranges form the refrigerator.’ Achyut behaved as if he is making use of every available object around him to kick sameera’s bad tempor.

‘I married you not to break your heart nor break something that makes you loose your so called freedom.’ He said.

“Cheppentha goppavadini kadu…….Chepinchukunentha Chantipillavi kadu!! You are married when you are close to 25”

“Ardham chesukunedanivaithe… patiki Aalochinchatam start chesedanivi!!”

‘Sameera was seriously grumbling upon him with both her eye-lids wide open as an old Dyanora television.’

‘‘We just started experiencing our relationship. We are still growing. Lets offer a free hand to grow further, bigger, stronger and sweeter like this orange.’

‘Orange’s doesn’t contain only sweet. She opened again’

‘He tried to compare with something but failed in succeeding!!’

‘Shut up!! Zip your mouth. He barked at her.’

‘Don’t ever try to split the relation. Its not the only tailor-made solution for every couple. Said achyut.’ While making 4 oranges into 8.

‘Sameera, every person has some good and some bad. You are ought to taste both”. Said achyut squeezing the orange’s using a glass juicer.’

‘Meanwhile she controlled her anger to some extent with all her temperament nearing 0. And, she slowly started looking beautiful to him as expressions on sameera’s face started showing some change, with her chin resting on her left hand and slightly slicing her red coloured lips forward.’

‘Then, he poured the fresh juice into the glass leaving all the pulp behind and offered the juice to her.’

‘Take it!’ He said.

‘Put it there!!’ Sameera said.

‘I’d want to be here, everywhere in you and only with you.’ Achyut alleged in sudden.

‘Sip it Sam!!’

‘Give me that glass achyut.’ She asked for an idle and unemployed glass rested near him.

‘What for?’ He questioned.

“Okey. You first taste it and give.” Achyut was almost shocked with her proffer.

“I always love you Sam!!”. Achyut proposed.

‘Its okey!’ She said. Its my feeling thalli…..some expressions are immediately required if a husband proposes.

‘I guess you added something!!’ sameera questioned.

‘Yeah! Little love and large life!’ Achyut said.

‘She outsized her beautiful eyes and stared at him.’

‘He stood again and switched on the ceiling lights in the living room to make the room much brighter as soon as the moment they started adding colour to their hearts.’ And, he made a way towards sameera and sat beside her.

‘She didn’t speak for few seconds again and so did achyut. Achyut started spinning the juice glass slowly emptied by sameera.’

‘Sam!! Sameera!!’ He called.

‘2 tear drops from 2 beautiful eyes landed firmly on the glass dining table.’

‘Slowly, achyut rested his hand on her head, moving much closer towards her dragging his chair to console her.’ Don’t cry, he said.

‘No….i’m not.’ Sameera replied.

‘This time he slowly positioned his hand on sameera’s beautiful flawless cheeks and wiped out the remaining tears.’

‘We both have lots to share, to give, to feel, to prove and much more. You have to prove yourself as a good daughter-in-law, wonderful wife and an extraordinary mother!! The days are ahead…..we need to wait for them!! Aren’t we?’

‘Yes achyut! Your are true….We are and we will!! And, sorr….’ he stopped her from letting out form her.

‘He took her close and kissed her firmly!!’

‘Love you achyut!!’

‘Hmmm......certainly we might have small concern’s in future, but promise me you never pack your baggage like you did now.’

‘Never, not again in this life achyut!!’ She promised.

'So, What next?' Achyut questioned.

‘ about a delicious prawn-biryani?’ She tossed.

'Yeah, Crazy stuff. Sameeraa.......Wine? with your permission!!’

‘Hmmm......Accepted…..with Love!! Go and get it dear, meanwhile i'l prepare the biryani!' She said.

Note: This article/blog has no coincidence to the names and characterizations in the real life. It did truly come out of my imagination!


February 22, 2011

"The Speechless Stupid"

Once upon a time, bihar was famous for its murky politics. The whole administration was collapsed and made people confused and so, the whole country spoke bad about the state, the politicians and their people. Their name has no mention in this article. I am writing this for good, to think, to act, to realize and to build. Now, the Brand-Bihar is rented (probably owned) and plated by our own state…..Andhra Pradesh!

Politicians are the face for a state or a region, from where they are elected. They represent some thousands and lakhs of voters, who cast their belief for some development in the form of a valuable vote. They take an oath upholding the constitution and laws we abide to. They are structured to serve the people but not to toss with the lives. Still, we have no issues on the conduct and education of the politician. Least bother even if has a book-full of criminal cases on him, which is again an added qualification to turn into a politician.

I love our people. They are always good boys and girls, who never concern or least bothered with what(s) happen(ing)ed. We pick some wonderful chaps of our country who are so called politicians without even a microscopic knowledge on constitution, human rights and duties, who incite their workers for the destruction the public property, who do not have a common sense to obey and behave good before the 1st citizen of the state, who hammer the co-legislative assembly member before the mahatma, who abide and swear that they never follow himsa / violence. I wonder why we elect such people!! I never saw them performing the item numbers to blame ourselves that we got drugged and addicted with their physical show or their intelligence on turning the white into black or they could be awarded a double Oscar for the wonderful direction and screenplay better than Francis Ford Coppola’s “The God Father”.

Our administration buddies are being paid salaries on time even if they don’t work and concentrate on the kabaddi game or cook a delicious regional foods in the office premises. They have few other preference’s like pen-down or think different like sukumar to start a non-cooperation movement. This was legally staying away from the services of the people who pay their salaries in the form of taxes. Still, people are happy as they have their assets, Mc Donald’s, Shoppers stop’s and PVR’s very safe.

We love the news channels who telecast everything live as if they were shot at various camera angle’s by RGV. We never find time in our clock to cast our vote, sketching for an intelligent escape in the name of go-live or unavailability of train tickets and our lovable caring wife is unwell. I’m wondering that many female’s request their hubby to book tickets for the very first show of “The Loving Lavda Kkhan – A cute story” or they can transfer their valuable time circling around the beauty parlours to paint their skin masking all their defects behind. But, I’m dreaming if I could see someone who insists to march in a peace walk, help the poor and be little meaningful for life.

Anyways, let’s get back to the issue and start burning ourselves. We honestly felt bad, the moment Mr JP was attacked and seriously criticized the culprits on FB and other social networking websites. But, the government had taken an action on a normal worker and didn’t even care about the cruel behind the pre-planned act, besides suspending them from the house for just 5 days. A more senior congress politician sitting in delhi called JP’s comments as nastiest in the constitution. Directly, supporting the dreadful actions of the TRS members in the assembly. Unfortunately, we found the issue missing on the google on the 3rd day. We just discussed, but didn’t or couldn’t raise our voice more to fight against the injustice.

Whereas, Gujarat had organized a historic summit called “Vibrant Gujarat” and raised eyebrows of the whole world in attracting the gigantic industries of the world to invest some billions of dollars and succeeded in promising an employment of 50 lakh plus in the next few years. While our politicians are deteriorating the development making the investments and industrialists run to the neighboring states who offer some wonderful packages. Our buddies are majorly concerned with the separation turmoil following a policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ which was invented and implemented during 168 BC in Europe.

Singapore was developed vivaciously post-Independence in the year 1965 and then it was in the news. But, they first created news by collapsing brand Andhra Pradesh and now they are promising to build an unbelievable wonder something like Singapore.

It is Politicians who created discrepancies among the people who are relaxed with happy living under one roof. To be more precise, it didn’t start due to unemployment or competition or any other reason of being backwardness. Competition persists in this world for ever and ever.

No educated speaks out of the wall. Nowhere in the world has a policy of an uneducated human ruling an educated. It is happening here and will happen until we raise our voices. I doubt someone had mistakenly named ‘Rascals as Rulers’. As quoted by bhagat singh “If the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud”!! Let us take a front, create a path and march towards the development to make our country prosper.

Are we Innocents or Ignorants?? Does anyone have an answer??


January 28, 2011

The Reunion

Humans have a habit of constantly dreaming to re-experience some wonderful moments occurred in their past. In reality, life has no reverse action!! But, some 60 odd young guys of one similar age group Joined hands and made it realism. It took place so fantabulously, that everyone swettered their childhood days and still looked much comfortable though, it was too short to fit-in (both time and heart). True, we knew that the moments last for very few hours and its all reminiscence. So, as per the initial and long-term plan, we tape-recorded all our schooling days into some 8 hour length and added a milieu with short and sweet unforgettable moments in life. These moments occur very rear as a Kohinoor, worth as a world tour and lovable like mother. We invited some 40 elders to watch and witness live, who are behind the success of every student studied at the Zinc Smelter Sr. Sec. School. Welcome to the Re-union of ‘Zinc99Connect’!!

After 3 months of work on ground, with pleasurable struggle than pain, we as a team investigated for the hidden and lost contacts. We studied together for 12 long years and it was such a coincidence that we planned to meet after a breach of 12 years on 17th of January, 2011. Finally, luck and destiny favored us to find and invite 70 odd students and incredibly glad that nearly 40 attended.

The tremendous and memorable evening started off with pre-planned and relaxed arrangements at 2 different locations, where we actually intended for the reunion. The first gather is at our memorable school and then move to a decent location and a simply decorated party hall to share some moment’s and taste few dishes for dinner with our “Hidden Endeavour’s”.

At 3‘O Clock, when I entered our huge assembly area and surprised seeing some of our batchmates were already in and moving around the school ground. I went running similar to a kid who was late by few minutes to the daily prayer. In no time, I joined them and found myself tough to recognize few guys. I initially glanced and later stared at them. A guy weighing 90+ kilos and few with pumped out tummies, was the state there. We struggled to breath out of laugh, during the chat.

Meanwhile, we started welcoming teachers at the doorway. In no time, we assembled in the hall, next to the scary-staff-room, where the students always had a fear to pass through. Some of the teachers had already marked their presence and the hall was almost full in no time, with teachers nearing 20 and 30 students. While the teachers entered the lecture hall, we guys intensified the atmosphere with a thunderous background orchestration with whistle’s, drums and shouts, which almost blasted the school campus.

For a moment, we remembered our innocent youth, short pants, saddle shoes, sack dresses, pencil fights, daily prayer, pledge and our national anthem……which were concluded a decade back at the same premises. So, we sketched to recreate the magic again!! Started off, with the daily prayer and then our pledge. We felt lucky enough to listen to their classes once again and merely reminded and quickly cycled back the wonderful past. John raju sir with a small Art, Ramunaidu sir with Physics, Muralidhar sir with chemistry and all the other teachers taught their respective subjects for very few minutes. We also screened the scanned pictures of our ever-lasting school memoires and we were amazed to see Komala madam moving very close to the pictures on the white board and identified almost all the students. Coz, she’s the class teacher of our class for 6 long years. Memories last long!! Every teacher geared up, energized, bounced with the Child Identification Fair which was for some 45 minutes.

The second part of the event at the Ashray Banquet Hall, was fully filled with their memories, blessings, wishes, sweet moments, jokes n fun, refueling laughs, Dinner, Photo sessions and finally the presentation of simple n grand looking mementos to the teachers.

We witnessed the most wonderful moments of life on 17th of January, 2011. The tale of birth-play age-Primary-Preadolescence-Adolescence was visibly unveiled like a mani ratnam’s slow motion episode, with-in 8 short hours. We are truly amazed behind the magical wonder the blessing teachers and bright evening had gifted us. But unquestionably, they are “The Hidden Endeavour’s” behind the success and settlement of some thousands of students studied at the Zinc Smelter Sr. Sec. school. It was their hardwork, their achievement and their success that had brought laurels and happiness for many parents.

Long live teacher!!

Dedicated to my school, teachers and childhood friends.
On behalf of ‘Zinc99Connect’


July 30, 2010

"The Hidden Endeavor"

“It was raining heavily, which started off with a cool breeze sometime 10 minutes before. Suddenly the rain water started splashing on me with a shotgun speed crossing the sun roof of our little portico. I was sitting with my legs criss-crossed and my chin resting in both the hands safely. Though I had no thought of re-inventing the magic behind rain, I appeared like I could not see the showering clouds or measure the height from where the chilled water droplets are hurrying to touch the ground."

"It was totally dark outside, except a street light which doesn’t offer any brightness to the gloomy evening. The next moment, I noticed a superfluous-lightening in the sky, flickering with some spontaneous brightness, compared to what my street light gives, but with some rarest scary-echoic effects in the background, adding some more influence to the heavy rain and resulted a baby cry in our house.”

“I quickly turned back and shouted “Ammaa”, alerting my mom. She forced me to get-in, as it was raining heavily. Though some consistent amount of water was continuously splashing on my other half, I didn’t turn up to her words and comforted myself there. I didn’t care even my mom was repeatedly sending invitations. After some time, when the digital thunder sounds slowed……the baby cry stopped. But, the rain had never gone for rest. It continued for long when the levels of worry had elevated rapidly, resulting in increase of stress weighing a tonne.”

“My lovely mom understood my anxiety and closely took me to her.” 

“Amma, Where is daddy? Dad might have gone wet!! how will he reach home in this heavy rain??” I questioned my mom with more innocence at an age of 8…..the crying baby was my brother, aged 3. All my anxiety was properly balanced by my eye lids, dipping up and down with more innocence. “

“He might have stopped somewhere.…..not a worry!!” She replied with her half tensed voice.”

“During my childhood, It was my habit to wait, until my father reaches home every evening. My actual anticipation was for our “Hamara Bajaj!!!”. He stops his chetak under an inclined ramp at our house and waited for me. I used to quickly reach him and get on to his front, which I almost felt like driving on my own and buzzing the horn in atypical ways, until my dad switches off the engine.”

“As soon as he enters the house, I used to offer a gigantic hug which appeared like I had seen him after ages. Unknowingly, the wait for my dad used to create a fantastic chance to escape from studies, which is a superior-successful form of killing time at times. Though I opened the books very late…I was so punctual in closing the books at 8 pm sharp to watch the excited and lonely channel doordarshan, while having dinner. “

“I used to sit closely with my dad while watching television, changing positions and rotating all over him. Meanwhile, during the liril or nirma advertisements, I used to throw some requests to buy whatever that comes in the television. Be it a chocolate, dress, pen etc. He welcomed my entire instant-heavy-wishes and made them appear before me. But, I never knew the pain and struggle he faced in getting all the unnecessary stuff.”

“This form of adoration continued until I was 12. The next 4 years of education was like military-strict, where, I failed in fulfilling his lil’ dreams in my academics. Couldn’t achieve the grade what my dad expected, for which I really regret a lot.” 

“After gifting all his efforts and happiness to me…….behind which, there was a lot of anxiety involved, for driving me towards success. I was magnanimously blessed to be a son of such a wonderful father. He is very special, coz.. he never made himself happy and joyous atleast at times. After an early retirement in 2001, where he goodbyed his job at Hindustan Zinc, he still offers me some financial assistance, whether the salary I’m drawing was sufficient for happy living in Hyderabad or not. He trusts people and shares his talent for free, saying that ‘nothing has value…..apart from helping others’.” 

“Till date, though I never made my father feel proud on my success..…..I really feel happy that I was gifted with some of the precious qualities my dad has. Looking back, I find many years of introspection and hard work involved to make us happy. I find my dad in my every action. Even at an age of 61….he assures “I’m with you…never look back!!”. I virtually visualize that, his hand has got an enduring place on my shoulder….encouraging to move forward happily“

“Still, A little concern on their health, well being and happiness gives them all joy resulting a splendid time during their rest of life. I always feel awful to stay away from them and enquire about their well being over digital devices.“

“I do have some little dreams to make my parents jumbo-happy. Initially they were cropped during my childhood. But, unfortunately I failed to make them true at an early age , as every childhood suffers from utter-poverty in all aspects of life. However, I can’t consider myself as successful and triumph even if I serve them for ages. Hope my attempts taste success and achieve the target to raise the art of gifting to my parents beyond the needs of stars!! I’m the worlds luckiest and feel proud to be a worthy son for wonderful parents like Adinarayana and Kumari !! “

April 26, 2010

"My First Promise"

“A coffee shop in Vizag, 6:15 PM”

I immensely wanted heartfull of acceptance that anchors me so special in her. I googled myself for many acts that makes her conquer. Initially, my outgoing calls turn out to be missed calls for her. I do not know how to start, what to talk, and I even became dumb during our first tele-conversation. However….I made myself confident”. This happened a day after, when I trembled completely and promised myself to be with her when I first saw her.

She’s too beautiful, attractive and active. Though I didn’t search for reasons of my disturbance, but, I’m sure her character, nature and eyes made me feel myself as the most luckiest on earth. Everything appeared to be new n confused, innovative moment and exasperated, happy and unreal all the time, after I saw her. Girls are magical and moreover she is special.

After a series of hindrances for 3 days, I discussed these with my close-confused-clouded friend midhun, who gets frequently mad about girls in phases such as IPL cricket season!! With his Expertise & strong mental (st)ability, he however tried me to pull out of the fever.  Pchchch… he recently entered into a new season of GPL (Girls Premiere League), even he failed in upgrading me in this issue!! But, with lots of support from family and friends, I however got rid of thoughts of my girl for few days.

“Reading a local weekly magazine – Waiting for someone, 6:25 PM”

In less than a week I was out from the turbulences created by her. Never she asked me any reasons lead to my confusion. But, I clearly noticed that she is enjoying my heart-battle. I used to send some messages very frequently to strike her heart….she replied with superb extra-romantic sensible language that broke my lovable heart.

I thought of interrogating on her beauty. The beauty that blasted me for a week, the beauty that made me fall in love, the beauty that made me giggled.

“I was chuckling myself thinking of my lovable disturbance…..looking at a cute kid next to my table”

“April 17th, 2010”

When I got down from the car, I saw a simple-beautiful decorated house.

Amma, please I beg you!! Any chance of rearrange?? I asked my mom while entering the house. Suddenly I saw an old man aged around 55 greeted us and welcomed us into his house.

Amma, why don’t you answer for my question?? I asked my mom.

No way, we’re already in. But, why do you hesitate?? As if u’re appearing for an exam!!, replied my mom.

“Yes, its more than an exam for me. I can’t concentrate!! Please leave me” I replied.

My mom threw a sharp look that made my mouth shut. But soon, I took it for granted and smiled gently to make my mom happy. Even she replied positively and we’ve taken our seats in the extra comfort giant sofa’s. Before occupying my seat, I greeted all the elders present there. Soon, I noticed some of them staring at me, with 100 questions on their faces. They found to be pretty relaxed and sharing their boring ancestor’s useless history and the properties they own with my family. I didn’t find the topic interesting, so started moving my eyes 180ยบ to find something significant and attractive.

This is not the first time I was bowled out by a girl, but, this is so special which happens very rare as sachin’s 200*. All of a sudden, people in the hall went into silence, as if some suspense is being unveiled in a horror movie. A heart arresting beauty dressed some color near to pink arrived and sat before us. Hitting heart beat, pumping blood, killing enthusiasm, Uncontrollable love…..all started racing in my body at a time. My family was pretty relaxed as it went out to be a family entertainer rather than a horror. As, all the people released from pause. I’ve seen my mother murmuring something with my dad.

Girls father arranged for a meet for both of us in a room upstairs. Soon, I followed her to the upstairs, while everyone was looking at us with some happiness. Our meet up was very formal. It went around Views, Opinions, Interests and Taste’s. My expectations went out to be wrong. Coz, I thought some miracle would happen that day. But, this is life….Miracles doesn’t happen, they are created. We spoke for 25 mins and left the room. Meanwhile, both the families were continuing their nonsense talk. Besides, my mother started to say okey, as she liked the girl a lot. But, I requested that I need some time to think over. We left the place with a formal send-off from the girl’s family. But, my heart insisted for some more interaction with her. The same evening I phoned the girl through his father and asked for a meet, the next weekend. Quickly, she agreed on my proposal. After I reached Hyderabad, we had a close talk for almost 2 hrs a day, for 4 days. We liked each other a lot …..and finally, we agreed for wedding!! 

“The same coffee shop, 7:00 PM”

“Two hearts beating together till the end of time…..forever and ever”, is what we believe in. I recollected the past 7 days of memorable, amazing, lovable period in my life, sitting in a coffee shop facing the beach.

“She just arrived into the coffee shop….I promised I’ll be with her. Will be back with more updates and interesting posts….see you soon!!


December 31, 2009

The Sinking Andhra

Dharna, Hunger Strike, Damage, 144 Section, Bandh, Raastha Roko, Resignation…….these are the words being heard very frequently in Andhra Pradesh since few weeks. After 53 years of successful united Andhra Pradesh, a sudden lapse cropped in every metro, every city, village and finally in every telugu heart. “Seperation” lead to the disturbance, the pause and mega destroy!!

After a 30 year pause…….The movement of a separate state recapitulated again in 2001 with the formation of TRS.

8 Year saga of TRS in brief

K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) was a member of the Telugu Desam Party until he quit the party and formed the TRS in 2001 at Hyderabad. He quit the Membership of AP Legislative Assembly and the post of Deputy Speaker of AP Legislature while floating the Party.

In the 2004 assembly elections, the TRS formed an alliance with Congress and won 26 state assembly seats and 5 parliament seats at the national level. It joined the governments at both state and central level. Anyways that’s all past…

TRS lost in major constituencies it has contested in the recent 2009 Elections, winning just 10 assembly and 2 parliament. After a major defeat, it kept silent. The first 3 months….in search of reasons, followed by Dr Rajasekhara Reddy’s death and later with Floods. After a choky silence, KCR started hunger fast. The later aspects were known to all, Which need not be mentioned nor discussed here, coz every one was aware of daily episodes and how our state was into boil.

So, the point of explaining the story is, to enlighten everyone on this issue to some extent. But, upon all these , does it lead to development??

What we as Telugu People?

If Present and Future scenarios are accounted……If ”Delhi” is to give and “Andhra” is to receive, what we are up to as telugu people !! because the issue of telangana, according to many knowledgeable people, should be decided by people and not in 10, Janpath or at 7, Race course Road.

Certainly there are problems in Telangana since years. But, a separate telangana wouldn't lead to the automatic arrival of a new generation of doers. Rather, It wouldn't lead to any wonderful growth in new investments in industry or the services. What it does for the rural economy would be marginal because agriculture is set to lose more.

Like in many others, it has been projected that a separate Telangana will fetch more water to the farmers in the region and, hence, people prosper in the region. But, irrigation projects have become extremely complex in the present era with issues like environment, displacement of people (especially tribals), rehabilitation, resettlement, compensation etc. The separatists often business those from other regions to be shrewd, dominating and successful lobbyists. But even these attributes could not help them in making Polavaram a reality.

If facts are measured, the families, lifestyles, crop cycles, credit facilities, past, present, future etc. of farmers were completely different from a Telangana farmer to a Andhra farmer. The problems faced by them had little to do with water and more with other issues like increasing balkanization of farmlands, salinity of soil, raising prices of agricultural inputs etc. Since, most of them have to endure months at a stretch without seeing a single rupee of income, they just can’t wait for remunerative prices to arrive. A farmer cant predict the future, he doesn’t know the margin he gets when the rations/material sent to the godowns/cold storages. There, it all depends on agents. The ultimate profit maker is an agent or the miller. Nothing remains for the poor farmer except a satisfaction that the food goes into many human. There are many agents who earn Rs 35-40 lakhs a year. Now, consider this. A person makes Rs 35-40 lakhs a year, without having even an office. He does not have to bear the vagaries of nature. He does not suffer from risk of pests. No Logistics crises .Most importantly, he does not have to wait for six to nine months. This man does not have an identity, unless the UID cards give him one. Some have registrations. But many don’t. They don’t file their returns of income. There are thousands of such faceless agents who thrive on the sweat, blood and misery of the farmer. The Government has framed every possible law and rule to protect/toss the farmer. Including, the compensation given to a farmer, citing reasons resulted his death. But farmer is in such desperation for money that he would be more eager to cooperate with any deviation if he assured of instant cash.

Due to heavy drought in 1997, thousands of farmers ended up their lives in mahabubnagar district. This resulted in migration of lakhs of palamur labour to various places for employment. The then TDP government had a smaller vision on 1997 migration and greater vision named “Vision 2020” on Hyderabad didn’t solve their problem. With the change of seats in 2004 both at the centre and the state and a merger of TRS with congress, it bagged the two portfolios which directly deal with fate of poor and downtrodden, Labour Ministry and Rural Development Ministry. But, the TRS found their seats were pretty comfortable rather than looking at the comfort of the poor in their districts.

If it is not Irrigation, it should be Industrialization and subsequent development. Neighbouring Tamil Nadu had developed Coimbatore, Tirupur and Karur as the major Textile hub’s in India with a turnover of Rs 50,000 million and employing 7,50,000 people.  It has Automobile and Telecommunication manufacturing units with as many as 20 automotive manufacturers and assemblers and global telecommunications giants like Nokia, Flextronics, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, Foxconn, Samsung, Cisco, Moser Baer and Dell, who had chosen Chennai as their base in South India……..creating ample of opportunities for their people.

While In Andhra Pradesh, the government run “APCO” suffering due to lack of funds, planning to shut 1200 outlets in the state.

Some Controversial Facts:

Pro Telangana:
People from Telangana region pay more taxes (Through more Alcohol consumption) than Andhra but the claim is that these are being used for the development of Andhra regions. It if were a separate state it can use all the money from the region for its own development.

No Telangana:
Isn’t it a fact that every part of the state needs resources for its own development? As most parts of Andhra have good lands they generate more money and this can be shared if not equally. There are no big movements after 1969 unless the political parties bring it up.

Rivers flowing in Telagana region, but Deccan plateau is at some height and water can not flow to sloppy region. Most of terrain in Telagana is rocky and not useful for agricultural purpose.

Fact : Unfortunately, the Nizams ran a military-feudal system, focused on revenue collection rather than mass education and development. Soon, the economic and cultural gap between the two peoples was enormous.

The Future Prediction : The formation of Telangana will be on roll, which might take 2-3 years. The 2014 Elections will be on the move and political parties have a race with one most important agenda in common…..” It is our party who fought enormously and achieved Telangana….Please vote for us”.

“But, is growth possible this way??”

Note: This article may have little discrepancies from the real facts unintentionally. Corrections are always welcome. This article tried to be neutral as an issue always has two stories.