January 28, 2011

The Reunion

Humans have a habit of constantly dreaming to re-experience some wonderful moments occurred in their past. In reality, life has no reverse action!! But, some 60 odd young guys of one similar age group Joined hands and made it realism. It took place so fantabulously, that everyone swettered their childhood days and still looked much comfortable though, it was too short to fit-in (both time and heart). True, we knew that the moments last for very few hours and its all reminiscence. So, as per the initial and long-term plan, we tape-recorded all our schooling days into some 8 hour length and added a milieu with short and sweet unforgettable moments in life. These moments occur very rear as a Kohinoor, worth as a world tour and lovable like mother. We invited some 40 elders to watch and witness live, who are behind the success of every student studied at the Zinc Smelter Sr. Sec. School. Welcome to the Re-union of ‘Zinc99Connect’!!

After 3 months of work on ground, with pleasurable struggle than pain, we as a team investigated for the hidden and lost contacts. We studied together for 12 long years and it was such a coincidence that we planned to meet after a breach of 12 years on 17th of January, 2011. Finally, luck and destiny favored us to find and invite 70 odd students and incredibly glad that nearly 40 attended.

The tremendous and memorable evening started off with pre-planned and relaxed arrangements at 2 different locations, where we actually intended for the reunion. The first gather is at our memorable school and then move to a decent location and a simply decorated party hall to share some moment’s and taste few dishes for dinner with our “Hidden Endeavour’s”.

At 3‘O Clock, when I entered our huge assembly area and surprised seeing some of our batchmates were already in and moving around the school ground. I went running similar to a kid who was late by few minutes to the daily prayer. In no time, I joined them and found myself tough to recognize few guys. I initially glanced and later stared at them. A guy weighing 90+ kilos and few with pumped out tummies, was the state there. We struggled to breath out of laugh, during the chat.

Meanwhile, we started welcoming teachers at the doorway. In no time, we assembled in the hall, next to the scary-staff-room, where the students always had a fear to pass through. Some of the teachers had already marked their presence and the hall was almost full in no time, with teachers nearing 20 and 30 students. While the teachers entered the lecture hall, we guys intensified the atmosphere with a thunderous background orchestration with whistle’s, drums and shouts, which almost blasted the school campus.

For a moment, we remembered our innocent youth, short pants, saddle shoes, sack dresses, pencil fights, daily prayer, pledge and our national anthem……which were concluded a decade back at the same premises. So, we sketched to recreate the magic again!! Started off, with the daily prayer and then our pledge. We felt lucky enough to listen to their classes once again and merely reminded and quickly cycled back the wonderful past. John raju sir with a small Art, Ramunaidu sir with Physics, Muralidhar sir with chemistry and all the other teachers taught their respective subjects for very few minutes. We also screened the scanned pictures of our ever-lasting school memoires and we were amazed to see Komala madam moving very close to the pictures on the white board and identified almost all the students. Coz, she’s the class teacher of our class for 6 long years. Memories last long!! Every teacher geared up, energized, bounced with the Child Identification Fair which was for some 45 minutes.

The second part of the event at the Ashray Banquet Hall, was fully filled with their memories, blessings, wishes, sweet moments, jokes n fun, refueling laughs, Dinner, Photo sessions and finally the presentation of simple n grand looking mementos to the teachers.

We witnessed the most wonderful moments of life on 17th of January, 2011. The tale of birth-play age-Primary-Preadolescence-Adolescence was visibly unveiled like a mani ratnam’s slow motion episode, with-in 8 short hours. We are truly amazed behind the magical wonder the blessing teachers and bright evening had gifted us. But unquestionably, they are “The Hidden Endeavour’s” behind the success and settlement of some thousands of students studied at the Zinc Smelter Sr. Sec. school. It was their hardwork, their achievement and their success that had brought laurels and happiness for many parents.

Long live teacher!!

Dedicated to my school, teachers and childhood friends.
On behalf of ‘Zinc99Connect’


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