September 22, 2008

Glorious Days @ Rajam

You should never forget me…....Promise!!! Never....i'l never, srujan!! Replied karthik. I cried on his shoulders, on may 7th 2005. I still remember the day we left GMRIT, Rajam . All CSE guys appeared the day before as "Rajam Rulers". It was an Unforgettable day as we all parted.

The whole 2005 batch met at the civil block, every one was chit chatting and recollecting all their memories at GMRIT. Some were joking, some were crying …..while some were dumb. At a corner I was observing all the drama over there. I was among the dumb. Beside me was raghu ram. Apart from knowledge gained, every student has heart-full of memories that he/she can remember all his/her life. All gathered at 5 pm in the evening and passed 4 hours , until the security manager shouted all the girls to leave to their hostels. Some guys asked for some more time as they want to talk with their loved ones/ friends. After few minutes of silence and few minutes of sharing memories I felt bad leaving raghu ram. He’s some one special for me. Still, we’re in touch. At that moment no one’s thinking of their future……thinking of, just leaving the friends. Because, four years of wondrous engineering life has come to an end. I felt like an English picture was running on the reel . Different panoramic views at all corners . Some crying, Some were silent……and some enjoying how easily gals open tears. It was the CSIT batch , where boys and gals were close and many formed pairs at that time…..donno how many led/ gonna lead their life until marriage. I am happy with vamsi and manasi…….nothing went unconventional on their way and few others .

Meanwhile, Ramchand left for vizag to get his car. Karthik escaped from this heart spilling sentiment and stayed in the room , I had no address of midhun….thought….he might went on his personal job. Gangadhar with Madhu, GL Sirisha and others. He’s not with Pranavi as she left on the day we completed with our exams. Reddy was shuttling between many girls. That night, I was recollecting all the memories . Next day we planned to pack all our luggage and the day after leaving rajam . “ I started thinking the causes behind studying at rajam??……how I got in touch with 100 odd friends?? How many are going to stay in contact ?? “ Many questions arose in my mind……the answer for my 1st and 2nd questions are fate and the 3rd cannot be predicted. The next day we all guys partied together roaming around the dusty roads of the small town and meeting our HOD Prof. Sesha Rao Garu. We spent some time at dolpet and had a photo session. The same night the remaining gals left to their homes. I remember madhu, neelima, jayasree leaving the college and reddy presented a beautiful flower to madhu and made everyone laugh with his stomach-paining jokes. After they left, we again gathered at Boys hostel main-gate…. where, our juniors were waiting for us. I still remember Vijay, Nanda, rajesh, sudheer, shanmukh, prasanth, sundeep, Mahesh , Ramakrishna, jaya of 2002 batch and Deepak, vamsi, sampath, Pawan, ramkumar of 2003 batch were few among the guys who gave us an unforgettable send-off. Karthik, Chakri, RC, Gangadhar(s), Reddy were present . Just before leaving….vijay hugged me and let his tears wet my shirt. Seeing this RC turned on some. But, Gangadhar(white) and Chakri singing the same…..we’re kings.

The final night……around 30 guys gathered at our house in srikakulam road and sat on the main road until 1 am listening to the comedy lectures given by lokesh, Prasad and rajendra. We enjoyed that !!! The next morning we all tied our baggage to the car. Midhun, Chakri and Preetam left 2 days after….as they have their own commitments at rajam. It was 9 when every one gathered at bharat’s room…..there was no mood of happiness on a single face. All were gathering one by one. Suddenly rajendra started crying at the front gate looking all of us. Every one has some kind of respect / special friendship on other. So, Reddy started with Nageswara Rao, Gangadhar with Ganesh. It was heart touching !!

It’s a saga of fours years of journey. I remembered all these and posted .Wishing a get- together to be arranged in near future. The things which gives me a relief is Aravind, Chandu, I, Chiya, Bharat meet atleast thrice a month during weekends and a few others who often visit vizag.

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Karthik said...

I liked the first one ... this could've been done better.

Srujan said...

I felt the same!!!
Written n posted in 1 hr!!

Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.