April 26, 2010

"My First Promise"

“A coffee shop in Vizag, 6:15 PM”

I immensely wanted heartfull of acceptance that anchors me so special in her. I googled myself for many acts that makes her conquer. Initially, my outgoing calls turn out to be missed calls for her. I do not know how to start, what to talk, and I even became dumb during our first tele-conversation. However….I made myself confident”. This happened a day after, when I trembled completely and promised myself to be with her when I first saw her.

She’s too beautiful, attractive and active. Though I didn’t search for reasons of my disturbance, but, I’m sure her character, nature and eyes made me feel myself as the most luckiest on earth. Everything appeared to be new n confused, innovative moment and exasperated, happy and unreal all the time, after I saw her. Girls are magical and moreover she is special.

After a series of hindrances for 3 days, I discussed these with my close-confused-clouded friend midhun, who gets frequently mad about girls in phases such as IPL cricket season!! With his Expertise & strong mental (st)ability, he however tried me to pull out of the fever.  Pchchch…..as he recently entered into a new season of GPL (Girls Premiere League), even he failed in upgrading me in this issue!! But, with lots of support from family and friends, I however got rid of thoughts of my girl for few days.

“Reading a local weekly magazine – Waiting for someone, 6:25 PM”

In less than a week I was out from the turbulences created by her. Never she asked me any reasons lead to my confusion. But, I clearly noticed that she is enjoying my heart-battle. I used to send some messages very frequently to strike her heart….she replied with superb extra-romantic sensible language that broke my lovable heart.

I thought of interrogating on her beauty. The beauty that blasted me for a week, the beauty that made me fall in love, the beauty that made me giggled.

“I was chuckling myself thinking of my lovable disturbance…..looking at a cute kid next to my table”

“April 17th, 2010”

When I got down from the car, I saw a simple-beautiful decorated house.

Amma, please I beg you!! Any chance of rearrange?? I asked my mom while entering the house. Suddenly I saw an old man aged around 55 greeted us and welcomed us into his house.

Amma, why don’t you answer for my question?? I asked my mom.

No way, we’re already in. But, why do you hesitate?? As if u’re appearing for an exam!!, replied my mom.

“Yes, its more than an exam for me. I can’t concentrate!! Please leave me” I replied.

My mom threw a sharp look that made my mouth shut. But soon, I took it for granted and smiled gently to make my mom happy. Even she replied positively and we’ve taken our seats in the extra comfort giant sofa’s. Before occupying my seat, I greeted all the elders present there. Soon, I noticed some of them staring at me, with 100 questions on their faces. They found to be pretty relaxed and sharing their boring ancestor’s useless history and the properties they own with my family. I didn’t find the topic interesting, so started moving my eyes 180º to find something significant and attractive.

This is not the first time I was bowled out by a girl, but, this is so special which happens very rare as sachin’s 200*. All of a sudden, people in the hall went into silence, as if some suspense is being unveiled in a horror movie. A heart arresting beauty dressed some color near to pink arrived and sat before us. Hitting heart beat, pumping blood, killing enthusiasm, Uncontrollable love…..all started racing in my body at a time. My family was pretty relaxed as it went out to be a family entertainer rather than a horror. As, all the people released from pause. I’ve seen my mother murmuring something with my dad.

Girls father arranged for a meet for both of us in a room upstairs. Soon, I followed her to the upstairs, while everyone was looking at us with some happiness. Our meet up was very formal. It went around Views, Opinions, Interests and Taste’s. My expectations went out to be wrong. Coz, I thought some miracle would happen that day. But, this is life….Miracles doesn’t happen, they are created. We spoke for 25 mins and left the room. Meanwhile, both the families were continuing their nonsense talk. Besides, my mother started to say okey, as she liked the girl a lot. But, I requested that I need some time to think over. We left the place with a formal send-off from the girl’s family. But, my heart insisted for some more interaction with her. The same evening I phoned the girl through his father and asked for a meet, the next weekend. Quickly, she agreed on my proposal. After I reached Hyderabad, we had a close talk for almost 2 hrs a day, for 4 days. We liked each other a lot …..and finally, we agreed for wedding!! 

“The same coffee shop, 7:00 PM”

“Two hearts beating together till the end of time…..forever and ever”, is what we believe in. I recollected the past 7 days of memorable, amazing, lovable period in my life, sitting in a coffee shop facing the beach.

“She just arrived into the coffee shop….I promised I’ll be with her. Will be back with more updates and interesting posts….see you soon!!



Nagaraja Reddy said...

Congrats Srujan!

sreeramkosaraju said...

bagundi ra..promise mari chinna ga undi..konchum pedda promise pettachu...

Nani said...

Hey Srujan,,,,wonderfully putup ur words and feelings. I can feel your thoughts and actions to deepest...My hearty Congrats...raa.

Wish You a Good luck...:)

Srikanth KV said...

Congrats Srujan..... nee pelli chupulu bagunnayi... mari simplega promise chesesave nuvvu :)

Anonymous said...

Chalo congrats from my end also ;)....Keep writing :)

Viplav said...

Well wonderfully written man!!
Congrats n best wishes!!

Viplav said...
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