May 11, 2011

"Love, Fathom and Others"

She closed the baggage using all her muscle. The zipper sounded noisy and the bag was hardly grounded from the bed, which made him turn around. Sameera hauled her heavy luggage from her bedroom towards the veranda. Achyut turned back and stood, which made sameera averted from moving forward to the main door. The lights in the house were dim, same as the mood of achyut.

A sudden silence prevailed all over. Not even the baggage wheels nor sameera’s bangles weren’t producing some jingle’s. It resembled as if the situation was on pause, except a fact that the beat of 2 hearts were multiplying with anger.

Sameera’s looks had no proper direction googling around. She resembled as if she had make-up’d her face with resentment!! A total muted apprehensions with absolutely no expression on her face except boiling high. While, achyut’s was tender cool.

'Achyut started a conversation with a question.'

Not the confusion nor the contention moved him, but the clarity made it all for a start.

‘What is that? Khali ya Full?’ Achyut questioned pointing the baggage.

‘Its full! I bet, I can break your head with this baggage.’ She yelled at him as a live lava.

‘Relationships can never trek superior if you’d either wanted to Bet or Bang!! Stay cool and think of the wonderful 5 months of our post wedding. Try to come out of the aggression that’s making you nonsensical.’ Achyut tried to make clear of things well to sameera.

‘I still couldn’t understand the actual reason behind the serious grumbling upon me since a week. Have you ever tried to hunt for a major issue that had reasoned to this? A serious and sensuous answer should be NO. If you love it, its yours – If you hate it, its others.’ He said.

‘Yes!’ She replied.

‘Sameera.......I’m talking about the mistake which you feel it happened and I feel it actually never happened.’ He said.

‘Its there, it happened and still happening and Its You! You ruined and slashed all my dreams. This is a disaster that had ever happened in my life.’ Sameera temperature’d high, which resulted her in throwing the baggage handle hard and it hit the glass tepoi in the living room which is few metres away from her.

‘See, now look at the broken pieces of glass. It’s useless. It’s none other than me. I’m broken achyut.’ She shouted at him.

‘Its all over. Give me way and allow me to leave. Please, I beg you……..Mr.Ruiner.’ She said.

The moment sameera cursed Mr.Ruiner on achyut, he bombarded almost whole of the 8th floor of the apartment with his shout. A further more irritation forced him to hold sameera’s hand strong and threw her to sit on the dining chair. However in few seconds he managed himself to go cool. A strong Silence Immediately triumphed the house from no where. He moved few steps and switched on the 4 lantern’s at the corners of the dining and sat opposite to sameera.

‘The moment she made her seat, she instantly started releasing her eye tap parallelly squeezing her nose in.’

‘Sameera….what for? What for you started shedding tears?’

‘You………!!!’ Stop. He said. Shut your mouth and listen to what I say. And, stop crying. Especially girls, Its almost like their daily routine.’

‘Did you realize one thing? Unknowingly you are assuming something terrible had happened. You are the only reason for your trouble, you are the only reason for your unhappiness, finally, you are screwing yourself.’ He said with fury weighting a tonne and he threw the napkin lying behind him on to her face and asked to wipe her tears off and the running nose.

‘Then he quickly got up from the chair - went into the kitchen and collected 4 oranges form the refrigerator.’ Achyut behaved as if he is making use of every available object around him to kick sameera’s bad tempor.

‘I married you not to break your heart nor break something that makes you loose your so called freedom.’ He said.

“Cheppentha goppavadini kadu…….Chepinchukunentha Chantipillavi kadu!! You are married when you are close to 25”

“Ardham chesukunedanivaithe… patiki Aalochinchatam start chesedanivi!!”

‘Sameera was seriously grumbling upon him with both her eye-lids wide open as an old Dyanora television.’

‘‘We just started experiencing our relationship. We are still growing. Lets offer a free hand to grow further, bigger, stronger and sweeter like this orange.’

‘Orange’s doesn’t contain only sweet. She opened again’

‘He tried to compare with something but failed in succeeding!!’

‘Shut up!! Zip your mouth. He barked at her.’

‘Don’t ever try to split the relation. Its not the only tailor-made solution for every couple. Said achyut.’ While making 4 oranges into 8.

‘Sameera, every person has some good and some bad. You are ought to taste both”. Said achyut squeezing the orange’s using a glass juicer.’

‘Meanwhile she controlled her anger to some extent with all her temperament nearing 0. And, she slowly started looking beautiful to him as expressions on sameera’s face started showing some change, with her chin resting on her left hand and slightly slicing her red coloured lips forward.’

‘Then, he poured the fresh juice into the glass leaving all the pulp behind and offered the juice to her.’

‘Take it!’ He said.

‘Put it there!!’ Sameera said.

‘I’d want to be here, everywhere in you and only with you.’ Achyut alleged in sudden.

‘Sip it Sam!!’

‘Give me that glass achyut.’ She asked for an idle and unemployed glass rested near him.

‘What for?’ He questioned.

“Okey. You first taste it and give.” Achyut was almost shocked with her proffer.

“I always love you Sam!!”. Achyut proposed.

‘Its okey!’ She said. Its my feeling thalli…..some expressions are immediately required if a husband proposes.

‘I guess you added something!!’ sameera questioned.

‘Yeah! Little love and large life!’ Achyut said.

‘She outsized her beautiful eyes and stared at him.’

‘He stood again and switched on the ceiling lights in the living room to make the room much brighter as soon as the moment they started adding colour to their hearts.’ And, he made a way towards sameera and sat beside her.

‘She didn’t speak for few seconds again and so did achyut. Achyut started spinning the juice glass slowly emptied by sameera.’

‘Sam!! Sameera!!’ He called.

‘2 tear drops from 2 beautiful eyes landed firmly on the glass dining table.’

‘Slowly, achyut rested his hand on her head, moving much closer towards her dragging his chair to console her.’ Don’t cry, he said.

‘No….i’m not.’ Sameera replied.

‘This time he slowly positioned his hand on sameera’s beautiful flawless cheeks and wiped out the remaining tears.’

‘We both have lots to share, to give, to feel, to prove and much more. You have to prove yourself as a good daughter-in-law, wonderful wife and an extraordinary mother!! The days are ahead…..we need to wait for them!! Aren’t we?’

‘Yes achyut! Your are true….We are and we will!! And, sorr….’ he stopped her from letting out form her.

‘He took her close and kissed her firmly!!’

‘Love you achyut!!’

‘Hmmm......certainly we might have small concern’s in future, but promise me you never pack your baggage like you did now.’

‘Never, not again in this life achyut!!’ She promised.

'So, What next?' Achyut questioned.

‘ about a delicious prawn-biryani?’ She tossed.

'Yeah, Crazy stuff. Sameeraa.......Wine? with your permission!!’

‘Hmmm......Accepted…..with Love!! Go and get it dear, meanwhile i'l prepare the biryani!' She said.

Note: This article/blog has no coincidence to the names and characterizations in the real life. It did truly come out of my imagination!



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Awesome!!! I loved it to core :)

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Good one srujan.. nijamga experience ayyi raasinattu undhi :P