November 8, 2011

"The Job"

“The sun woke up very early at 5:56 am. It leisurely started climbing high with a doubt in its mind, which is not willing to showcase its personality. Trying to mask its identity with the assistance of its colleagues called ‘clouds’. It is acting similar to Rajiv, who is lying on his bed like a lethargic idiot.”

“Something smashed at the centre of his stomach, spoiling his sleep. Rajiv suddenly woke up and immediately dressed in formal. He didn’t even glance towards the tooth brush or care the close-up lying isolated, early in the morning. He picked his Identity card, a huge back pack which is stuffed with some private matter and left his home. He reached office within very few minutes from his start on an age old automot. He parked his vehicle and as soon as he approached the atrium, the security started staring at him and at the huge heritage wall-clock, simultaneously. The gateman approached him for a safety check without losing an eye contact with the clock, which was ticking 6:24 am. Rajiv’s hurry was pounding high and ran from the place after finishing it.”

“The gateman curved a bit to get a clue on his rush and found Rajiv using the staircase to reach the 5th floor. Probably at that moment, he might felt there could be no other shortest route except stairs.”

“Rajiv tossed his heavy backpack towards his desk on the right and immediately kicked a door lying adjacent to his left. After some noisy exertion created by him, the floor went on silent for few minutes. It appeared like a stadium with no spectators with almost all seats lying empty, waiting for their owners, except one at the centre. It was occupied by ‘Sreyobhilaash’. All of a sudden Sreyobhilaash heard some sounds of water irrigating the washroom. Initially he assumed it could be the house-keeping, later he suspected it is someone from the company payroll and raised his eye-brows questioning himself, finding the identity of the person. He stared at the huge backpack lying unaccompanied and directionless on the floor, with his eyes wide open.”

(Door Opening)

“Rajiv entered the work area turning fresh and wet from the wash room. Sreyobhilaash elevated his head and moved his eyes towards his ‘Tissot’ and said,

“Its still 6:57 am! And, I believe this is not true Rajiv. You had never walked-in before 10 am and what happened to you today??” He shouted loud, gazing at the floor-mat.

“Hey, hey…..come on! Don’t say you had a shower here!” Sreyobhilaash questioned with lots of uncertainty in his mind.

“Yes, I did. What’s wrong?” Rajiv answered and threw another question immediately.

“What happened to your place?” Sreyobhilaash dialogued and turned towards his laptop.

“Arey, Paani nahin hain. Don’t fuck my mind. Motor kharaab hua! Rajiv screamed with some seriousness and impatience.

“But, why so early? That too in the morning?” He started coiling him again.

“Abbe, tereko shaam ko aatha hain kya??” annoyed Rajiv with more anger.

“Free of cost nah!! Smart idea dude!” Said Sreyobhilaash with no hesitation.

“Rajiv looked at Sreyobhilaash with some chilli powdered in his eyes and immediately left for cafeteria on the 2nd floor.”

(Employees Entering, 9:00 am)

“It was nine, when Sridhar started walking towards his desk and meanwhile he saw Sahithya resting her back-pack on her table. Sridhar approached her and greeted, “Hi Sahithya, Good morning! “And walked towards his desk.”

He suddenly paused for a moment during the walk, slowly turned back and dialogued “Sahithya……Last night!”

“Haan….Last night?” Sahithya questioned with her mouth wide open.

“Its Srujan who carried me home last night.” Said Sridhar and giggled.

“Shut up Idiot! Can’t you breathe without having a sip of drink every day? Before I throw something on you, go and start your work, Don’t irritate me.” She said.

“Living life this way is supreme Sahithya.” Sridhar advised and started browsing Facebook.

Sahithya turned her head back and said “Close you Facebook account and start your work. We have a release in short.” plugging her laptop charger.

“Sridhar kept quite. His calm resembled almost similar to a kid.”

(Clock Ticking)

“Sridhar appeared as if he was working seriously, until the clock advanced for few minutes. The change in his idioms appeared as if he is over-reacting for a silly reason. Finally, it happened to be a photograph posted on his Facebook account and wondering why it couldn’t gather any attention from his 500 odd friends and again turned towards Sahithya.”

“Sahithya, I uploaded our team picture last week on the facebook and interestingly it didn’t receive even a comment or atleast 1 single like.”

“Hmmm”, she said.” Sahithya actually didn’t respond much, as she was eagerly staring at her Vista machine which was loading nonstop.

(Person entering during conversation - Pulling the seat)

“Dude, are you still expecting highest likes for our team? Turn and see the most tedious faces around. It’s been some 2 years we had seen a beautiful female team member. Stella(Srinivasa Rao Tella-Manager) doesn’t know the techniques to keep the environment live and active.” I Said, sharing suspect kinda good morning looks to everyone around, pulling my seat.”

Sahithya turned back seeing me and said “Ohh……you arrived!”

“Yes, I am!” Said I, “with a smile.” And turned towards Sridhar, who is still looking unhappy.

“I kept all my workplace gadgets on the table and started scanning my inbox for troublesome emails of the day. Luckily I found there were no emails leading to my death and again turned back calling ‘Saheeeeth-ya’.”

“Goddd…..I consider the first 5 minutes of your arrival as a gift. The rest of the day in the office is like hell. Can’t you zip your lips and allow people to work?” She irritated slightly and questioned hardly turning behind. She appeared as if she painted her eyes in red. Her glasses added much contrast and brightness to her looks”

“Oh, Aditya!” said I, “to know his whereabouts, and glanced towards my laptop screen.Over there, he’s online”. I shouted the moment I spotted him on the communicator with a green light resembling a railway signal.”

(Conversation Started in Communicator)

Srujan : “Office?”

Aditya : “Nah……no mood of attending!”

Srujan : “Any strong reason behind?”

Aditya : “Will let you know this Friday”

Srujan : “Why on a particular Friday? We shall sit tonight and discuss boss.”

Aditya : “FRIDAY, I SAID”

“I felt the capital letters mirrored his mood and he suddenly disappeared from the communicator.”

“I started assuming his situation and stood at my place. I observed everyone working seriously which featured like they are deeply in love with their Laptop’s. So, I moved towards Sahithya and brake’d abruptly to avoid her lecture once again.”

“So, I went slowly forward upon my way and heard…….”

“Srujan!” she called with sugary tone.

“A sudden call from her amazed me. Felt like a wonderful opportunity and landed beside her taking less than 2 footsteps from the place I paused.”

“I think Aditya left for vizag on some important work last week right?” Sahithya questioned me.

“Is it?” I refuted her statement trusting Aditya.

“What important work he has? Except grinding his mood unnecessarily and avoids attending the office.” I said.

“What? Are you sure that he is not in today?” Sahithya questioned again.

“Yeah, he is online. He is working from home today.” I said.

“You said he grinded his mood, he is working from home and now I am worried what else could have happened during the weekend. But, I actually expected some sweets and smile from him today.” She shared.

“Ohh…..Any news?” I questioned her.

“Nothing!”, she said and tried skipping the topic.

“Noooo….I shouted! Making everyone on the floor lift their head’s and zoom-in their eyes on what’s the reason behind my shout.”

“Sahithya adjusted a little with my huge shout and looked towards me with anger.”

“Then tell me what the gossip is? I am dying! Please Sahithya, please” I demanded.

“Okey! Listen! Aditya went to……” She paused, seeing Rajiv and sreyobhilash passing us.

“Aditya went to see a girl in vizag.” She disclosed finally.

“The moment I heard the news, I collapsed on my chair and started laughing. Saying, ‘he went to see a girl!!’ So, he is ready for his marriage. But, there should be parents who offer a girl to him right!”

“Anyways, do this way! Call him on his mobile and enquire about the result. I am sure that he shares with you. Give a try. And, make sure that I am nowhere in the picture. Else, the floor is aware of my acts.”

“She stared at me for few seconds and nodded her head agreeing to call Aditya”

(Mobile Ringing)

“I started dialing virtually in my mind and parallely counted the number of rings Sahithya is hearing directly. Sahithya was expressionless for the initial 6 rings of the dial, in return making me clueless.”

“As every man always has an extra pounding interest on others matters, and so, I am no exception from it. It was a moment of struggle and depression to listen to a clue. Suddenly, I saw Sahithya letting out few words and made me an enthusiast to quickly fast forward her words to know the reason behind Aditya’s unavailability. So, I quickly parked my ears beside her. But ended up in hearing some murmurings of ‘ummm’ and ‘hmmm’ from her, incessantly making me clueless.”

“Well, goodbye,” she said, and held the phone on her table. That goodbye fueled lots of happiness in me.

“What’s news?” I questioned her, seriously!

“She looked straight and said, he seems to be dejected as the girl rejected.”

“Oh, what a moment-this is the moment, I said” and immediately bowled over and made myself threw into the chair with a loud laugh with a racing breathe.

(Phone Ringing)

“Sru-jan!” The caller questioned using my name.

“Yes. May I know to whom am I speaking with?” said I, with an agitated tone.

“This is Satish Sadasiva. Can you make yourself available on the 2nd floor, meeting room-206 at 12:15?”

“Yes, said I.” The next moment I could hear to the ‘beep-beep’ sound, confirming a disconnected phone line finally thanking me for answering the call. But there are few other important words that almost silenced my heart-beat and made me collapse, to the earth’s core. Soon, my eyes started covering with a tiny layer of tears, alarming a serious upset. With lot of burning frustration, I griped the chair tight and tried skipping towards silence. I kicked back the tears and continued to be calm for few minutes, seriously thinking of the cause behind all the mess.

“Sahithya couldn’t tolerate my silence for long and she turned back for inquiring the same. She looked at me and then into my eyes, which made her understood of some tough situation.”

“What for?” said she.

“Don’t know! Just a call, informed me…..” I paused.

“Speak Srujan, what happened?” She questioned firmly.

“Satish Sadasiva informed me that, I was sacked,” said I.

“What?” again she said and I repeated the dialogue again.

“Don’t joke Srujan! This is your life, it’s your career,” said she.

“Its true Sahithya. I am not joking. I know it’s my career and I know I am concerned with and I am serious,” replied I. It is a shout rather than calling it as a reply.

But why?” she asked tightly.

“The reason what satish sadasiva(VP-HR) had given would sound silly to anyone around. But it’s a sensuous and highly serious issue bonded with my career,” This time I reacted in a very dull tone.

“Be clear!” she said.

“My verification failed and that’s the reason I was fired!” I replied.

“Srujan, you are working here since 2 years and have you enquired what they actually verified?” she suggested.

“No clue Sahithya! I am tensed,” said I. be continued!!

NOTE : All the content and story is Copyright © of 'Srujan Kadamba' and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without prior permission. All rights reserved.

This article/blog has no coincidence to the names and characterizations in the real life. It did truly come out of my imagination!


Srujan Kadamba


Anonymous said...

Good One srujan,,, U have replicated the work place exactly... eager to see what next, and nice that u mentioned ur name ..

Santosh said...

Very well written. Keep up the good work, waiting for the continuation of blog post.

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