December 15, 2008

The Evening Moonlight

People say no day can be significant in your life, but there is a day that was the most memorable.

I was engaged dreaming Anushka, wondering if I could take a chance and hold her. All of a sudden, my mobile shouted . With no perception , answered the call. I heard a perfumed incessant voice with a breathtaking fragrance. Its smelling tastier than ever. Felt like yoga-diva Anushka rang for myne !!! I thought of eloping with anushka if the phone call haven’t disturbed me.

“Aakanksha, Is that you?” I said, even though I was a hundred percent sure it was.

“Yes Srujan, its me, Aakanksha.”

“Before you get into sleep, can I just say Something?” she said, with a humble voice.

Its been an year long we met each other. I never expected a call from her after the day we had a split. I never heard her sounding so fragrant.. She gave a call with love, I know and frankly I was too excited. She was a different person with intelligence and values about life. I was stumped seeing her earlier dussehra.

“Six o clock, The Park “ should be there, sharp. “ Need to talk to you something Important and Festive.” Was her word in phone.

I mentally Hi-Fived myself and tried to control my euphoria. I appeared to be serious while answering .

She put down the phone saying goodnight!

"Important and Festive ??? " I questioned myself.

"I kept silent; a new thought had crossed my mind; Aakanksha calling me after an year, that too at twelve in the night and saying something important to talk!!! " I couldn’t believe myself and had a bed-struggle for more than an hour. Suddenly, something flashed in my mind and opened the calendar on my mobile……and Shocked!!! It was Aakanksha’s birthday.

I didn't give a ring or haven't dropped any message on her mobile. but, I'm sure we would definitely meet at "The park" the same evening.

I arrived at The Park, went into the wash room to set my silky hair. The same evening, I puzzled choosing "the best" dress of my wardrobe. Finally, a pepe cargo, white shirt on a silver printed T-shirt was my pick. When I was into the hotel lobby, I found Aakanksha twinkling before me with a dazzling look in a traditional attire in electric blue. I'm unable to face the encounter with my “little beat of mystery". Aakanksha was very beautiful, a beauty never seen before, with her long black hair, which she almost left open and mehandi covering her hands. We both neared each other and had a warm shake-hand, I blaze almost as a blast furnace.

“I was too close to her, with a great excitement, thought of breaking that with a hug…..but stemmed inside.” Girls just seem to be away from sweet touches, but they really look for.

“Happy Birthday, Aakanksha,” I said, presenting her flowers.

She chilled out looking at them, but still, I was not excused…..her face was still in red.

“Aakanksha, I….!!!”

“No apologies srujan !!” enough, she said.

Girls appear to be complicated when angry; but, its boys who cool them with intelligence. I jolt her with my shoulder and threw a little smile. Felt like, I gripped her in less time.

We walked along the magnificent blossoming grass. Our table was very close to the picturesque sea water adjoining the hotel.

“Candle light, cold breeze, sponge grass and a stunning beauty” , a greater impact shown by all these, I blame all.

No one around us.......except the bright moon watching the deeds with radiant eyes. I couldn’t understand what I'm??? Something’s flaming inside. I exerted a lot with the inner me to curb all my feelings. But, I'm sure something’s gonna happen before we leave.

We kept silent.

“So?” I said. I mean, I really wanted to know why she invited in this speechless meet.

“So, why the big urge to see me today?” I said.

“Weather is cool right??” she said.

“I’m disturbed…..lets put in picture with no delay”. I said , killing with my looks pointing her.

"Srujan, all these days , I sense like some enchanting force made me determined. I was completely environed by you. Felt, your love is unstoppable, your caring is un-measurable and you are the most adorable in my life. I’m mad srujan.....gone mad about you. Probably, this should be the start of "our" endless life. I'm dreaming of that....heart fully.”, she said with a heavy emotional voice.

“So, when should we get married ?”, I asked , looking at her beauty that's making me Insensible.”

Soon, her eyes started brimming with happiness.

I aspire giving a good eminence to our relationship with our marriage, Even I'm waiting for this moment for an year. I said, while her eyes look still wet. “She bolt my hands in her and entreated not to leave her. She felt like the most happier and luckiest on earth and slowly rested on me looking at the striking platinum pendant I gifted. She stayed calm for few minutes feeling relaxed. All I want is to dip her in happiness with little romance.” I was done.

“All the life…’re my everything.” I nodded my head to Aakanksha’s desire. It is miserably cold , while a sharp light pointed towards my eyes. How could the night turn to day so quickly? questioned myself. It was 6.30 when my mom prevent me from dreaming. The story was a dream, though it was a dream I started my day seeing my mother. A dream that made me look a realistic night into an overnight journey of a grown-up love.”

“There's a special place for everyone in my heart.....and so a special place for the girl who's gonna seize the place in my romantic heart.” Once I get engaged……I would definitely share all my in this blog with an enjoyable post .

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sailu said...

Its fantastic srujan .Feel is so good,i almost imagined you with ur girl friend. ya i am sure u will do all this one day with ur dearest one very sooon.

midhun said...

:-) its OK...but my expectation is too high on it...because of ur anxity..... i hope you will be met my expectation with ur next blog...... anyway good job....

ajay said...

its very nice reading your story.. its very intresting ... manch talent vundi ra neeku.....

raja said...

hmnnn, its like listening to Mani Ratnam's Script..well, after all they get the ideas from real life situations...any ways, this post has some energy within!!! Its lively dude...I wish u all the best!!

Naga said...

Hi Srujan,
Frank ga cheppamante Good work ra....Script Keka, but you should have replaced the character of Akanksha with Nainatra....and if you can spice up the story with a bit more romantic touch.....Audience ki Pichiekkutadi....Story 100 days adutadi....Wis you all the best....

latha said...

Srujan neeku style kotatam ,style ga matladam matrame vachu anukuna
but really amazing and mind blowing experience i felt as if it is happening really while reading. Really too good, dam good.