March 27, 2009

Gift of Life

The day they realized that they had the strength to admit that they had fallen in love with each other and the love which changed their view of the world, and how love should be.

Few years back Ramchand and Sailu dreamt of being one, to love together and to live together…… Love truly does conquer all. They felt when their heart beat louder than ever. Their lives were completely bonded with one another, resulted to their auspicious wedding.

“Sreeramchand weds Sailu”, Simhachalam Hills, 19th February, 2009.

It was a grand fĂȘte for them and the people over there. Everyone was thrilled and enjoying the wedding being carried out in elderly presence. They were completely deliberate and I found them they were not in this world. They were enjoying every moment of the grand event. Yes, They should….because this happens once in a life time. That should be remembered, and more over that should be kept at heart. I kept it very deep!!

The priests were finishing up setting things up at the mandap. The wedding ceremony takes place at the mandap which is an area, often a raised platform, with four pillars and a canopy. Even, this was equally decorated

It was 8:00 pm while Ramchand was performing ganesh pooja which ensures the success of the work at hand and then sailu entered the mandap………. She looked quite elegant in the saree, as if she was a princess visiting a foreign country. That feeling was such everyone around was treating her like a princess! The sari was so, so gorgeous - a deep orange silk, with dark yellow detailing, and gold thread embroidery. All the credit goes to Ramchand’s mom….worked hard for 15 days to give a thundering glow to the saree. The jewelry was equally fabulous. And by fabulous, I mean “this looks like something out of a movie or museum” amazing.

Ah… playing princess for an evening was so much more fun than she expected it to be. Ramchand was looking like the proper prince, too, but groom clothes aren’t as much fun to discuss. Even his clothes were amazing with a golden shervani on a maroon colored dhoti.

The priest was a bit more relaxed, though, and didn’t require any formal conversion from me. Back to the wedding….. We also had a set of religious musicians for the ceremony. They accompanied the head priest as he chanted the different Sanskrit mantras, which transformed the chanting into almost a song.

After the priest recites the wedding shlokas from the Vedas, Ramchand and Sailu apply a paste of cumin seeds and jaggery on each other's hands, this symbolizes their belief that they must go through the sweet and bitter timings together in life. The curtain between the two was removed, and prayers are offered, Ramchand tied Mangalsutra with three knots to represent the strength of their union…….physical, mental and spiritual. Here, I’ve seen Sailu feeling very much delighted and cheerful. Which, she dreamt for years….yes, for years!! Girls have dreams, which they don’t express…….they just let them out during these rear wonderful times. I’m lucky as I witnessed it all.

In our weddings we have to change a lot of clothes .For madhuparkam…..the later part of wedding, Sailu was dressed in a white cotton sari, and ramchand wore a white cotton dhoti. The white colour signifies purity and chastity. Slowly, they were surrounded by nearly all of our family and friends, to watch the ecstatic event- “Thalambralu”. It was carried out superbly…..with no hurry, they performed it leaving thalambralu one on the other.

They were so nervous! And happy! Ah, weddings… they’ve got a big grin on just remembering this. First sailu gave him a garland, stretching a bit to get it over his head… then it was Ramchand’s turn, while sailu ducking to facilitate the effort while keeping her hair straight. Soon after, the people present at the wedding showered their blessings on them by sprinkling flowers and turmeric-colored rice.

They got down from the mandap and ramchand headed towards the north….. followed by sailu, to see the Arundhati star, which symbolize an inseparable couple. Yes, they are inseparable!! Being an onlooker for the past 5 years…..I trust them, I adore them and I admire them a lot than any other.

Formally, bride and groom weren’t offered anything to eat since lunch, except some jaggery water before sitting in the mandap. But, I’ve seen their energies boosted while they were on the brink of performing the “ring game” aka “Ungaraalata”. Where, few rings were dropped in a steel vessel filled with water, and they were allowed to take them out. Ramchand lost once with no concede after sailu lost once. Finally, Ramchand had taken 5 out of 9. But, both are the winners in the ritual…..both are indistinguishable, for the reason that, their hearts match and they always live to be in love!!

Always, Ramchand reserves his true and deepest love for sailu ,in whose company he finds himself electrified and celebrated, but for that one in her company he may feel tenderly in high spirits.

And for sailu…..Ramchand is her secret, a very simple secret; it is only with his heart that she can see precisely!!

Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one.

All that was made true, with their marriage!!



Ajay said...

Nuvvu pelli baga choosavu ra. nuvvu pelli eppudu chesukuntavu ?.

Anonymous said...

rc .. I know u wud c this comment ...
how much didya pay??

rc said...

nenu raasukunna daaniki nenu enduku pay chestaaa?

Shashank said...

Hey Srujan, i happened to visit your blog accidentally. I am sorry but couldn't stop myself from this...
I wonder how could you write/talk about emotions which do not belong to you at all. I assume Ramchand and Sailaja are real names and I believe they wont appreciate this gesture of yours.

No hard feelings but i would say enjoy blogging as a hobby but not at the cost of intruding someone's personal space.

Take care...