May 1, 2009

The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful

Shocked….really shocked by looking her mesmerizing figure which was pounding my heart beat 100 upon 70!! I could not resist myself looking at her. She threw a seductive smile simply like a model posing during a photo shoot. But, this was totally different.

My left portion of the chest was chuckling with joy. I stayed calm, being bowled with her sharp looks. But, my mood was in high spirits, like all emotions blended in a mixer. I started noticing her dress. She wore a white salwar khameez bordered yellow. I could see her slim back which got transparent due to her wet hair. Think…..she had freshly bathed. Girls look awesome soon after the bath. Suddenly, she stepped back and came to my side and ordered me to pray, as it is a must before god. She said with an apathetic voice….which I didn’t clearly listen. But, I understood her.

The necklace she wore was beautiful with white colored diamonds studded to it which had a yellow teardrop pendant which was almost down her chest. My eye balls focused with a telescopic look to an extreme left pointing her pendant. It was unable for me to resist even before god. 

Suddenly all the lights were switched off for aarthi. The prayer hall turned silent except some sounds of bangles being heard which were quite rhythmic. She hold my hand and taken more closely as we were standing little behind the devotees. The hall would have capacited 100 people on Saturday, but there were about 25, as it was mid-week. While the priests performing aarthi, She covered her head with her scarf. Thanks for the bold decision taken by her otherwise I would have completely burnt up with rising temperatures. Donno, why my looks always deviated looking at the beautiful pendant. Not my mistake……I blame the pendant……it was too deep belowww.…...

She hold my hand firmly as if she was nervous. Very tight….i was enjoying the sugariness of a beautiful girl holding my hand. While, I kept my fingers of my right hand kris-crossed with an unbearable pressure!!   

‘Hey, what you are doing,’ I said, asking her to leave my sweetened hand. I just acted, though I liked the firm touch of her for several minutes. I broke the chain, looking at another slim girl dressed in a sleeveless choodidhar. She looked at me with her eyes burning like fire balls. 

‘Usually, girls very easily open up their anger which was clearly shown by their expressive eyes. Especially, while boys looking amusingly at another beauty. But, sometimes they act smart during these hypothetical scenarios.’  

Slowly, we walked and sat at a corner of the one-acre temple lawn. I bent on my knees and sat, opposite her. She had taken out the prasadam and offered me along with a piece of coconut. 

‘My eyes again started looking intently at the pendant which was happily rested on a pale-beautiful-soft-skin. Thinking what would be my juncture if I would have been a pendant for a while. This time I was sitting very close opposite to her. My face was very few-inches away from the pendant. Slowly, she rested on her right hand keeping her legs the opposite side. Suddenly, the pendant lost its control and moved to its right, hiding behind her khameez-top.’   

Plchchch…..i murmured myself.   

‘No, this is not the place for all these blazing emotions,’ I said in a pleasing voice, again looking down below her neck.’

‘What? Blazing emotions?? What makes you blaze at such a peaceful place.’ She asked.   

I stayed calm…..killing her with my inventive looks, with three lines on my forehead. 

‘But, I pray god to listen all these emotions, as we were very close to him. She replied with a positive tone’. ‘Meanwhile, I was in a no-care mood eating the prasadam as the pendent went behind V-cut of her top.’  

‘srujan, why don’t you open up??’ she asked, nipping my thigh hard-enough which made people turn around us suddenly. Indian people are like news channels, they focus an utmost unimportant issue to a top rated with red-underlined!! Soon, I acted as if I was hurt smashing a half-broken coconut. 

‘Stoppp….!!!’ I shouted at her, as I lost my patience. In a short while, her eyes turned red with clouded tears, resembled like they were pumping out from a borewell!! Soon, I was chilled and felt awful hurting her. I collected a drop of her running-tear from her beautiful pink-bubbly cheek. I thought of kissing her.….but, the multi-noice temple bells remembered me in the background and avoided performing the most exciting lovable act in the universe. I hold her petal-feel like beautiful hands in myne strongly, giving her an impermanent calm her down!! Girls are complicated and their acts are complex!!

She feels I’m the best person on earth and herself the luckiest. She celebrates each and every moment when I accompany her. She expects her life to go simple, I intend to present her a Guinness-great. I aspire to carry these celebrations all her life. I want to gift an uncountable surprises throughout……coz, I’m a bundle of surprises!! I dream seeing her laugh turn to tears…….the same tears to happiness and offer me a gigantic hug!! A hug that can be kept deeeep in my heart forever……all my life…….as a treasure which cannot be found, as a tattoo which cannot be erased and an unfulfilled journey that has no end. 

Looking for the big day! I join hands with u!!

When is the Big Day??? When would I tie the knot?? God only knows the question!!

Thanks & Regards





Uday Cheruku said...

hey dude.... u rock on blogger too????

anyways that was a wonderful blog. this is my first comment for someone on blogger..

any hey... by the way 100 upon 70 is too low man. increase by a another 50... it will match the context..

A trip to GOA said...

"Indian people are like news channels, they focus an utmost unimportant issue to a top rated with red-underlined!!" tooooo good narration about the mentality of our people...Take a bow...i loved the blog esp those mentioned lines

midhun said...

srujan, i know raa wts the base line of this blog....still u remember those incidents with g......,i am wondering mann !!!!

any way good narration and good improvement!!!!