February 22, 2011

"The Speechless Stupid"

Once upon a time, bihar was famous for its murky politics. The whole administration was collapsed and made people confused and so, the whole country spoke bad about the state, the politicians and their people. Their name has no mention in this article. I am writing this for good, to think, to act, to realize and to build. Now, the Brand-Bihar is rented (probably owned) and plated by our own state…..Andhra Pradesh!

Politicians are the face for a state or a region, from where they are elected. They represent some thousands and lakhs of voters, who cast their belief for some development in the form of a valuable vote. They take an oath upholding the constitution and laws we abide to. They are structured to serve the people but not to toss with the lives. Still, we have no issues on the conduct and education of the politician. Least bother even if has a book-full of criminal cases on him, which is again an added qualification to turn into a politician.

I love our people. They are always good boys and girls, who never concern or least bothered with what(s) happen(ing)ed. We pick some wonderful chaps of our country who are so called politicians without even a microscopic knowledge on constitution, human rights and duties, who incite their workers for the destruction the public property, who do not have a common sense to obey and behave good before the 1st citizen of the state, who hammer the co-legislative assembly member before the mahatma, who abide and swear that they never follow himsa / violence. I wonder why we elect such people!! I never saw them performing the item numbers to blame ourselves that we got drugged and addicted with their physical show or their intelligence on turning the white into black or they could be awarded a double Oscar for the wonderful direction and screenplay better than Francis Ford Coppola’s “The God Father”.

Our administration buddies are being paid salaries on time even if they don’t work and concentrate on the kabaddi game or cook a delicious regional foods in the office premises. They have few other preference’s like pen-down or think different like sukumar to start a non-cooperation movement. This was legally staying away from the services of the people who pay their salaries in the form of taxes. Still, people are happy as they have their assets, Mc Donald’s, Shoppers stop’s and PVR’s very safe.

We love the news channels who telecast everything live as if they were shot at various camera angle’s by RGV. We never find time in our clock to cast our vote, sketching for an intelligent escape in the name of go-live or unavailability of train tickets and our lovable caring wife is unwell. I’m wondering that many female’s request their hubby to book tickets for the very first show of “The Loving Lavda Kkhan – A cute story” or they can transfer their valuable time circling around the beauty parlours to paint their skin masking all their defects behind. But, I’m dreaming if I could see someone who insists to march in a peace walk, help the poor and be little meaningful for life.

Anyways, let’s get back to the issue and start burning ourselves. We honestly felt bad, the moment Mr JP was attacked and seriously criticized the culprits on FB and other social networking websites. But, the government had taken an action on a normal worker and didn’t even care about the cruel behind the pre-planned act, besides suspending them from the house for just 5 days. A more senior congress politician sitting in delhi called JP’s comments as nastiest in the constitution. Directly, supporting the dreadful actions of the TRS members in the assembly. Unfortunately, we found the issue missing on the google on the 3rd day. We just discussed, but didn’t or couldn’t raise our voice more to fight against the injustice.

Whereas, Gujarat had organized a historic summit called “Vibrant Gujarat” and raised eyebrows of the whole world in attracting the gigantic industries of the world to invest some billions of dollars and succeeded in promising an employment of 50 lakh plus in the next few years. While our politicians are deteriorating the development making the investments and industrialists run to the neighboring states who offer some wonderful packages. Our buddies are majorly concerned with the separation turmoil following a policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ which was invented and implemented during 168 BC in Europe.

Singapore was developed vivaciously post-Independence in the year 1965 and then it was in the news. But, they first created news by collapsing brand Andhra Pradesh and now they are promising to build an unbelievable wonder something like Singapore.

It is Politicians who created discrepancies among the people who are relaxed with happy living under one roof. To be more precise, it didn’t start due to unemployment or competition or any other reason of being backwardness. Competition persists in this world for ever and ever.

No educated speaks out of the wall. Nowhere in the world has a policy of an uneducated human ruling an educated. It is happening here and will happen until we raise our voices. I doubt someone had mistakenly named ‘Rascals as Rulers’. As quoted by bhagat singh “If the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud”!! Let us take a front, create a path and march towards the development to make our country prosper.

Are we Innocents or Ignorants?? Does anyone have an answer??



Prasanna said...

Who wants to really get in and clean the stuff! Yes I can write a blog and condemn those attacks but at end of day WHO is willing to walk out of their office and join in a agitation moment.

Taking people to street on protest is not acceptable answer! People who are working must continue to work and keep the Economic System and Social System running else it would be chaos.

And the elections would come, but with the amount of money being spent and caste system taken so seriously by some of the most educated people, including some of my friends as well, to decide their choice of leader then a few well thought opinions like of yours are lost!

Finally, for the plastic citizens who find more time for beauty parlours and multiplexes, Let them do their bit by spending money. After all I never expect them to do anything purposeful beyond that.

Srujan said...

"Pack your bag when you are in the bank" is the policy of the Rascals today.The political system is so worsened to a level, that our own Finance Min is offering discounts if they return the currency looted and lockered in the foreign banks by the big ppl in our country.

Its really disgusting to feel proud looking upon the digits of our black money!!